About me


ever since i can remember i was drawn to the idear that i could create stuff, i recall my childhood always being fun and creative i was always creating something in the back yard whether it be a tree house or a basketball hoop made out of a bucket, i never hesitated to bring my crazy ideas to life.

vic pic 1.jpg

As the years went on i found myself asking bigger and bigger questions about our society and the world we live in, i wanted to turn those questions into some sort of comunicator and art felt as the most natual media for those questions.

Soon enough i created my first works of art in my room at my parents house, i recall being yelled at a lot because paint got on the floor, but that wouldn't get in the way of my ideas to come out. 

When i moved out i found this great studio where i could make my stuff, and soon i was making five paintings a day, i produced so much because i thought i was innovating something new, then instagram was invented and i soon saw that people made similar stuff as me, so i had to up my game so i started thinking bigger, i wanted to expand my creativity into other fields, i have always loved movies so making videos and short films was my next adventure, being a charismatic guy i thought i would do great in front of the camera as well as behind, soon i got a gig for danish production compani where i would be runner and help out on sets of danish short films, which gave me a great deal of tools to take with me. 

So knowledge became an obsession i wanted to learn everything about the art world, film industry and just how to make money as a creative person, so i made a decision not to choose a formal education in order to learn different fields at once, naturally i felt i could produce more and read more, so i choose self educating myself through youtube videos and thick books, in order to expand my mind, i now have new art works in the making and i'm seeking out opportunities for my art to be shown all over the world.